Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reading to kick start new week

Afraid to Trade:

Falling Friday: Giants GOOG and GS Plunge

Strangely Enough, Market Internals DO Matter - an Update

Au.Tra.Sy blog:

Big guys are having troubles with this trend as well.

Trend Following Wizards – March 2010


26.4% of S&P 500 Stocks Trading at 52-Week Highs

Two Months of Up Days

10%+ Down Days for Goldman Sachs (GS)

Victor Niederhoffer:

Types of People Who Disseminate Views About The Market

David Fry:


Market Rewind:

Very interesting

Painting the Trend with a Twist

Reading the Markets:

Very good read! Sound advice for individual traders/investors!

The life cycle of a hedge fund investment strategy

SMB Training:

Finding A New Trading Home (Assent and Etrade)

The Big Picture:

“Recovery” Bypassing Small Businesses

NYSE Volume Changes

Lagging Psychology at Turning Points

The Talent Code:

The Uses of Madness

Dr. Brett:

Dr. Brett's Coaching Insights for Traders - Volume One

An Updated Look at Stock Market Strength

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