Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekend reading

This weekend’s selection is really good one and I would truly recommend to all readers to devote some time to read and chat with these articles. Enjoy!

Afraid to Trade:

Unusual Similarities in Structure for Current Rally and Prior Creep Up

BIDU Joins the Ranks of the Ten Baggers and a Lesson in Holding On

Au.Tra.Sy. blog:

Trend Following Wizards in September 2010

Word of Caution on Statistics


Google (GOOG) 10%+ Gaps Higher

David Varadi:

Simplicity at the Expense of Reality

Derek Hernquist:

Think Differently, Not Opposite, About Markets

The Big Picture:

Peak Earnings Versus Stock Peaks

The Kirk Report:

Visualize Success

Simply amazing interview with Mike from SMB!

Mike Bellafiore