Thursday, May 21, 2009

How it is going to work

One of the main ideas behind this blog is to share information on ways of trading ALSI futures contracts. So, let me explain, early on, how this blog is going to work:

Before we start, I would like to provide just a little bit of info about myself –

I’ve started to trade in October 2003 and, as futures market in South Africa wasn’t very developed, I’ve decided to go with Warrants. It was all about ups and downs at the time and only two years later I was able to make some money and, most importantly, I’ve succeeded in keeping it long enough. Prior to that milestone, my trading was simple routine (profit wise): making money-losing money-making money-losing money… If you ask me what made that shift for me, or how I made that shift for myself, I will have to remain silent, as it just happened. Somehow, in December 2005, I woke up one morning and something just clicked in me and I’ve said to myself: “Silly me, it’s so easy to trade!”

From there on, I never looked back and with newly-found peace and success in trading (success on a very personal level), I’ve started to trade (in 2006) ALSI contracts listed on Safex and, at the same time, I was venturing in-and-out white maize and wheat trades.

At the moment, I am trading very simple system and I will be posting my entry and exit points – long before these price levels are breached! System is trend following and it is based on 30 min ALSI futures chart, on which I’m trying to exploit directional moves (of the market) that are lasting , on average, 3 to 4 days.

I’m, as per system, always in the market - I just reverse from short to long position and vice-versa. In order to share my trading system/approach, I’ve linked this blog with twitter, where I will post few comments during the day and where my entry/exit price levels will be shared.

I hope to utilize blog for two-way communication, as well as a space where I can post some interesting charts.
Please look for five newest twitter comments (that are on the right hand side of the screen) and if you wish to follow me there, please go to:

All in all – blog & twitter are just in trial phase for now and I would appreciate your suggestions or comments.

I hope you will enjoy my live trades and that together we will learn more on art and science of trading.

Trade well.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

I trade shorter time-frame and it is nice to see what you guys on 30min see and react to.

Keep it up!

Diederick said...

Looks like you walked a mile with trading.
Trying my hand at astro trading, working from Hartbeespoort. Any body interested ?

Trade well

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