Friday, April 23, 2010

Sad news

Very sad news did hit me yesterday. Dr. Brett Steenbarger will wind down the TraderFeed blog.

I was following his writing for many years. About seven or eight years ago, just as I was starting with trading, I somehow ran into his old web page. It was very simple design that probably wouldn’t catch one’s eye. Somehow, I started to read and I found numerous very interesting stories about trading and life in general. After that, TraderFeed blog came to life and I was eagerly waiting for each new post, as Dr. Brett always had something good to say. The more I red, the more I realized that it is not in indicators; it is not in patterns and it is not in finding holy grail – It is in our heads and it was there before and it will stay there forever. One just has to dig it from somewhere deep within. Simply, TraderFeed blog, three books written by Dr. Brett Steenbarger and his early writings made me a trader I am. Without his inputs, probably, I would not be writing these lines now. As time passed, I’ve realized that his blog didn’t improve me as a trader, but as human being as well.

In his last post Dr. Brett has promised that he will try to do everything to keep the blog up as well as archive "the best of" posts. At least, we can go back and read his impressive writings whenever we want.

I’m not sure if Dr. Brett will ever read my blog and this specific post, but I would like to thank him for changing my life for better and for making me succeed in this tough game of trading. I’m very sad that he is leaving us without new contributions and I wish him all the best in his new endeavor.

I would close this blog post with words from his last post: ”If you put yourself out there, share your best ideas, reach out to people, and give more than anyone ever could expect you to give, you'll attract the right kinds of people--and the right kinds of opportunity. If you have passion and you have talent, make yourself visible: the best people will find their way to you and everyone will benefit.”


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