Monday, June 7, 2010

Reading to kick start new week

Afraid to Trade:

The Great Wall of Resistance at SPX 1110

Au.Tra.Sy blog:

May: +35% for some Trend Followers!


TED Spread Widens Again

Up and Down and Round and Round

Crisis Moves to Hungary?

Worst Jobs Day Since at Least 1998

Market Sci:

The State of Short-Term Mean-Reversion: May, 2010


Very inspirational post!

Coach Wooden Taught Us Trading

Very good and very interesting!

First Ticks – Wrong Ticks

The Big Picture:


McKinsey: Equity Analysts Are Still Too Bullish

3 Psychological Phases of a Bear Market

The Kirk Report:

Simply great dead!

Learn To Love Uncertainty

The Talent Code:

Rules of Ignition

VIX and More:

I find this to be very interesting.

Low ISEE Equity Number

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