Monday, May 24, 2010

Reading to kick start new week

Afraid to Trade:

Year Long Chart View of Key Support in GS and JPM

The Arc Pattern and Support Test in Gold


Sector and Stock Performance Since the 4/23 High

David Fry:

A Wild End to a Wild Week

The Big Picture:

Federal Debt as a % of GDP

Top Tax Rate? Socialism

S&P 500 Rally Draw Downs


Anonymous said...

Hi Alsitrader
how does your system work?

Alsi Trader said...


It is working on ALSI futures 30min chart - Higher High & Lower Low levels are recognized way in advance and once broken trades are initiated. I do post SL (if broken, trade in opposite direction initiated) way in advance on twitter. There are several rules in regards to what might happen on the open and I do not trade after 5pm. Just by following trades on twitter one can quickly recognize what I see to be High and what is Low and what I do at the open - and all in all that is simple system.

Anonymous said...


Alsi Trader said...

You are welcome Anonymous and thank you for the interest.