Friday, May 28, 2010

Reading to end work week

Afraid to Trade:

So… Why Exactly is Technical Analysis Important?

Will February SP500 Pattern Repeat and Show the Future?

The 1100 Level on the SP500 May 27

Au.Tra.Sy. blog:

Very good read and useful calculator!

Your worst Drawdown is yet to come


Emerging Market vs. G7 Public Debt Levels

Yesterday's New Home Sales Report

Bearish Sentiment Spikes

S&P 500 and Sector Breadth

Ray Barros:

BarroMetrics Views: Ebb & Flow Management


Very good and very thought provoking!

Exploiting the Predictability of Volatility

David Fry:

Window Dressing

Engineering Returns:

Fresh and crisp reading!

Trend following and global stock market health


Memorial Day and the Stock Market

Reading the Markets:

Can a trader’s life be meaningful?

The Big Picture:

Unemployment Rate Correlation with Mortgage Delinquency

The Talent Code:

Building a Leader’s Brain: The Underdog Plan

Quantum Financier:

Volatility Autocorrelation in Different Markets


The Vix, Rule of 16 and Realized Volatility


James said...

Igor, in your findings, which is better, the Pivot Point or the Balance Point? I am sure there is a use for each, can you do a post on this? Many thanks.

Alsi Trader said...

Hi James,

Balance point is average of last three pivot points and as such determines few days trend rather then pivot that is just for that specific day. I don't use any of them for trading just for market gauge.

Anonymous said...

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