Sunday, May 9, 2010

Reading to kick-start new week

Afraid to Trade:

Very good look at the events of May 6th.

A Quick Assessment of the May 6 Fallout on the 5 Cross Market ETFs

Comparing May 6 to 1987 Crash Intraday

Au.Tra.Sy blog:

April: a flat month for Trend Following


Will You Remember?

The Dollar's Recent Impact on Stocks


Excellent read!

The lowdown on high frequency trading

Interesting talk about gold.

McGhee on the gold currency

David Fry:

Two excellent daily reviews!

Ctrl DOW Delete: Dave's Daily

Dow Dive Shocks Investors: Dave's Daily

Market Sci:

Excellent post!

The “Monthly W” (in Video)

The Big Picture:

Blame High-Frequency Trading

The Kirk Report:

Everything You Know Is Wrong

The Talent Code:

Identifying Talent: What Really Matters

Vix and More:

VIX Implied Volatility Exceeds 2008 Crisis Levels

Dr. Brett:

Excellent series of posts!

Core Ideas in Trading Psychology: Trading and Self Development

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