Friday, May 21, 2010

End of the week reading

Afraid to Trade:

SPY Forms Interesting Intraday Trend Channel May 19


Not Everything is Bad Out There

Oil to Natural Gas Ratio Comes In

Worst Earnings Season in at Least a Decade for Stocks

Sector Breakdown of Earnings Day Performance


Does Volatility Selectively Filter Good and Bad Days?

Bubbles: Ride, Watch or Play the Pop?

David Fry:

Markets in Turmoil: Dave's Daily

Market Sci:

The Golden Cross: Daily vs Weekly vs Monthly

Quantifiable Edges:

From1% Up Intraday to 1% Down Close


Sectors and Money Flows Revisted

The Big Report:

What’s Up with Goldman Sachs?

1987 Redux: Impossible or Likely?

National Debt by President

NASDAQ Cumulative Volume Trends Negative

The Kirk Report:

Excellent read!

Stubborn Determination & Confidence

Vix and More:

Chart of the week

Volatility and Wide-Range Days with Neutral Closes


James said...

ALSITRADER, how do you remain confident in your trading when there is such enormous swings. The pressures and emotions are high and could cloud ones state of mind. How do you handle it?

Alsi Trader said...

Hello James and thank you for the excellent question. I am prepared to lose money that I am trading with and I am confident in my system and tools I use to measure health of the system. Of course, there is never ending development and learning process and I am trying to work as much as I can on all aspects of my trading – system development, money management, risk management, system design, networking, etc. Simply, I don't know any other way to trade. What happens to lawyer who starts to improvise or what happens to pilot who in the mid of stormy weather doesn't follow the rules of the business, but starts to improvise and starts to follow gut feelings and does everything he was not trained to do? Trading is performance field and difficulties are just a part of business operation. Sometimes is easy, sometimes it is not, but one has to remain true to one's capital, previous work and all the efforts one invests in trading as endeavor/profession.
Hope this helps.